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After studying the cryptic engravings in my notebook, I've concluded that the month-ago-me could not finish part (a), so I shall skip that. Funny point: I do remember that when I was working on this exercise, I wasted a lot of time because I misread the exercise and assumed that

TP(X) = 𝔪𝔪2


TP(X) = (𝔪𝔪2)*

It's the dual vector space of 𝔪𝔪2.


Letting Q = ϕ(P), and 𝔪be the maximal ideal of Y , We already know that there is a corresponding k-algebra map (the natural "pullback")

ϕ# : O Q,Y OP,X

(Ahhh, the great staple of this blog: Black sheaf symbols). And since these are local rings, it has to map 𝔪to 𝔪. Hence we can actually consider the restriction

ϕ# : 𝔪 𝔪

Now suppose h 𝔪2, so that h = g2 for some g 𝔪. Then

ϕ#(h) = ϕ#(g2)
= ϕ#(g)ϕ#(g)

hence we can induce a well-defined map

ϕ#* : 𝔪𝔪2 𝔪𝔪2

with k-linearity inherited from ϕ#. Now, you can see why I was very confused by not considering the dual (because it's a map from a vector space formed from something associated with Y to something associated with X, rather than vice versa). Well, this map induces the map of the dual spaces (X to Y ). Dun.



X = Z(x - y2)
(the parabola)
Y = Z(x)
(the x-axis)

so that the projection is

ϕ : X Y
(y2,y) (y2, 0)

or, you can just think of it as

(y2,y) y2
= x

So you can just think of Y = A1, the affine line. Look, I made a cute picture of it PIC
Now we consider

TO(ϕ) : TO(X) TO(Y )

Reminder: The pullback that induces this is

δ : 𝔪𝔪2 𝔪𝔪2f ↦→f ϕ

Here's the key point: Y is actually just the affine line, and its maximal ideal is therefore just (x), so the "f" here is necessarily in the form x g(x) for some g k[x].

x g ↦→(x g) ϕ

Let's try plugging in a point into the RHS:

((x g) ϕ)(y2,y)
(holy shit this notation is getting cluttered)
= (x g)(y2)
= y2 g(y2)
= 0

The last equality follows from the fact that the maximal ideal 𝔪 is (x,y), so y 𝔪, which means y2 𝔪2, which is hence 0 in 𝔪𝔪2. So δ is the 0-map, and hence so is its dual (i.e. TO(ϕ)). Done.

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