-Typhoon passing-

台風一過 - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

どこまで深いか わからずソロソロ How deep is it? Testing it out, little by little,
大きな水たまりをわたるの I step across this big puddle.
足もと映って 気づいた青空 I see the reflection of the bottom of my shoes, and the blue sky too.
嵐が残していったプレゼントね It's a present left by the storm.
嫌なことぜんぶ Now that all the bad stuff,
飛ばされたら has been blown away,
わたしの心も is my heart now,
晴れたかな all cleared up?
夜明けはちゃんとやってきて The morning comes as it always does,
いつもの一日が始まる and a new ordinary day begins again,
けれどもそれが一番で and that's for the best after all.
いいことばかりじゃないけれど Although not everything is perfect,
ひとまず気持ちをリセット I'll start with a reset of my thoughts.
前向き Face forward,
今日も Today's another day.
クラスのみんなも Everyone at school,
昨晩の話で is talking about last night.
もちきりそんな朝ね It's all the buzz this morning, huh.
台風一過 How the typhoon has passed.
どこに隠れてた The birds which were in hiding,
小鳥の声が are now back outside,
戻ってきたのが and they're singing again.
不思議だな Ain't it all so strange?
先生入ってきて皆 The teacher arrives,
あわてて自分の席戻り and everyone scrambles to their seats.
そのままきのうのことなど And so, as the lesson starts,
口にはすることもなくなり all the conversation dissipates.
今年もおんなじ風景 And this year looks like it'll be good again.
台風一過 The typhoon has passed.
明日も晴れね And tomorrow's also gonna be nice day.