Underwater at Midnight

深夜の水中 - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

[Text insert in the video in the middle:
The feeling of my body losing its sensations, strangely wasn't painful
It was like being enveloped by a warm cocoon, with a trace of nostalgia

And at the end:
When the light seeping in from the gaps in the curtains came no more,
I remembered those nights I feared how if I fell asleep, the next day would never come
Surely that was just paranoia

眺めていたんだ暮れる午後といつもの今日 I looked upon the darkening afternoon and the mundane day
指先に触れる眠る君と静かな息 On my fingers, I felt you sleeping, and a quiet breath
薄めていたんだあの日のこと君との日々 And then, it began to get dark. As did what happened on that day, and all the days I spent with you
心臓に触れる脈打つのは君との距離 And my heart pounds, now that we're separated
退屈な午後、永遠の詩、ありふれていた生活もずっと If the boring afternoons, the endless poems, and the mundane life never ended,
終わらないならそれら全てを「嘘」と呼ぶんだろう then I'd call it all a lie
煌めいた二人泳いだ水中 息がずっと続くように Where we swam underwater, it shined. As if we'd be able to breath forever
ゆらゆらと流れていった「嘘」は何よりもずっと愛しかった That gently flowing lie, I cherished more than anything
重ねていたんだ濁っていく夜が染まる The layers of darkness piled on. And the night became cloudy,
見えなくなる程君を溶かした so much that you disappeared within it
光の無い二人沈んだ水中 君の手を握った In that lightless underwater, we sunk, and yet I held your hand
ゆらゆらと崩れていった日々と終わらないあの「嘘」 Those gently crumbling days of past, and that endless lie
音の無い二人溺れた水中 言葉は何も要らない In that soundless underwater, we drowned, and yet no words were needed
ゆらゆら息を止めたら包む世界はとても綺麗だった And as we gently ran out of air, the world embracing us felt so pretty