Raison D'être

レゾンデートル - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

幾つも夜を越えて I've gone through so many nights
光るを待つ waiting for the light.
明日が遠ざかる街で In this city where tomorrow drifts away,
鳴り響く命 Life rings aloud.
沈んでいく音に With the sound of sinking,
紛れる戯言 the alluring sophistry,
繰り返す奇跡の残滓 and the remains of beaten up miracles.
染まる存在は未完成 This stained life is incomplete.
証明の途中さ A proof halted.
故に感情は不確定 And thus, my emotions are ambiguous.
劣化するディザイアー Deteriorating desire.
このまま And now,
身を委ねて I'll throw my whole body into it.
世界の中心まで届く愛を With a love that reaches the center of the Earth,
あるがままの姿形で歌う I'll live and let live and sing away.
わたしを殺すものは現実と夢の乖離 What kills me is the gap between dream and reality.
何一つ許す必要はないと You shouldn't let anything by,
笑う愚者のイデオロギー laughs the ideology of the fool.
言葉を重ねるのは価値観を What makes words is a sense of value.
虚勢を演じるのは本質を What performs bluffs is one's truth.
理解を求めるのは幸福を What wants reason is happiness.
生きる意味を論じるためさ All to deduct the meaning of life.
憂う正論は欺瞞製 To fear fair reason is the wearer of deception.
伝播する種が The dissemenitation of seed,
育つ空想樹 is the nurturing of the fruit of fantasy.
開花するディザスター A blooming disaster.
数秒後に A future that can change,
変わる未来の in mere seconds,
選択肢は案外少ないんだ has a surprisingly limited number of choices along the way.
成すがままにされる気はないだろう? And you're not up for just taking what gets thrown at you, right?
迷わずにいられるほど強くはない I'm not strong enough to make it without anxiety.
錆びて朽ちた過去がずっと身体を縛る My rusted and dried up past will always bind down my body.
わたしは誰? Who am I?
世界は何故? Why does the world exist?
わからずとも I do not understand.
答えるが出るまでなら傍にいるよ But I'll stay by your side until we figure it out.
自己命題の異端性 The heretical self-assertion.
論破する帰納法 The refuted proof by induction.
それは根拠が不要な That's all just yet to be proven
刹那的理想論 rushed idealism.
幾つも夜を越えて No matter how many nights go by,
生きる意味などわからなくていい who cares if I don't understand life.
この運命に中指立てる I'll put up a middle finger at fate.
これがわたしの Because this is my
レゾンデートル Raison d'être.