Search of “Life is Beautiful"

Search of “Life is Beautiful" - YT

(For SSA)

私が生まれて消えても I may come and leave this world,
誰も気づかない夜の境目 but until I return to nothingness, I will keep seeing empty dreams,
ねえ無為に着くまで虚ろな夢を見る in those neglected boundaries of the night.
今夜も空に歌いながら So I'll sing tonight as well.
どうしてなんだ Where are these tears
零れる coming from?
何もかも溢れて消えていく世界に In this world where everything is temporary,
何処か置いて来た心求めて Someone's heart dropped by and I wanted it.
未来へと帰れる道を探している So I'm searching for a path back to the future.
どうかどうかどうか Somehow, somehow, somehow,
見つけて欲しい find me.
私を見つけて欲しい Please find me.
いつまで揺蕩う愛はいい I don't mind a fickle love.
甘えられていた時間溶けてく All that time you spoiled just melted away,
守られてたことすら気づかないまま along with all the time you've protected me.
嗚呼 Ah.
優しい嘘に浸りながら Drowning in your lies of kindness,
夜明けに思い溢れる filled with thoughts of the day breaking.
すり抜けた絆の糸をまた求めて Searching for the strings that slipped away and let our bond loose,
一人泣きながら Crying alone,
過ぎた季節と over the season gone,
絆負け傷つけてしか生きられないの and living in pain over the bond I lost.
どうかどうかどうか Somehow, somehow, somehow,
赦して欲しい forgive me.
私を赦して欲しい Please forgive me.
ねえ本当は気づいてた Hey, deep down I noticed it.
愛してた That I loved you.
愛されていた That you loved me.
だから一人で That's why, all alone,
今は一人で right now,
歩くよ I walk alone.
だけどいつか But one day,
今確かにここにいる私を since I'm definitely here right now,
どうかどうかどうか Somehow, somehow, somehow,
見つけて欲しい please find me.
貴方に見つけて欲しい I want you to find me.