Winter Thoughts, Spring Longing.

冬想い、春焦がれ。 - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

明日天気になあれ I'm a bit worried, y'know,
気になる about the weather tomorrow.
瞳に映る春が When the sight of spring,
先の景色を enters my eyes,
見つけ出してた the scene ahead becomes evident.
確か縁起が良いよね It'd be nice if everything was linked by fate.
忘れかけてた I almost forgot
独りでいると how when I'm alone,
すぐこうだなって I'd start to feel like this.
一人寂しく Here alone, I sadly
春を想うよ think of spring.
自分だけ一足先に To think that on my own,
抜け駆けなんて I could take a step and move forward.
出来るはずも無いのに But even though there's no hope,
少しだけ期待して I'll try to be hopeful,
駆けてみるよ and try to move forward anyway.
雪解け水さえ "If I found all the melted ice,
飲み干したらってさ and drank it up dry..."
約束したはずだよね We had a promise didn't we?
いつまでも固執した I had always, always clung onto you.
記憶の中に閉じ籠もっていたの And now you're locked inside my head.
後ろめたさだけじゃ I guess it wasn't enough,
なかったのかな to just cultivate a sense of guilt.
ただのその場しのぎだとか It was just a coping mechanism, or something.
小川のせせらぎさえ To the extent that I couldn't even hear
聴こえないほどに the trickling of the stream,
戸惑っていた I felt lost.
また元気で合おうね "We'll meet up again someday."
だといいね Yeah right.
瞳に溜まる青が The sight of spring flooding into my eyes,
過去の記憶を brings out
映し出してた those memories again.
誰もいない交差点 Standing right in the middle of a crosswalk
道の真ん中で in this deserted street.
何度も No matter how much
振り返りたかったって I look around,
一人寂しく I'm still alone,
冬を想うよ thinking of winter.
自分の傲慢さに I get really annoyed
嫌気が差してくるな at my own arrogance.
出来るはずも無いのに Even though it's impossible,
重力に逆らって I'll try to defy gravity,
飛んでみるよ and fly.
雪解け水さえ If you found all the melted ice,
飲み干せたらってさ and tried to feed it to someone,
クジラですら無理だよね even a whale wouldn't be able to swallow it, eh?
いつまでも固着した All that time I've clung onto you,
時間の中に閉じ籠もっていたの has been locked into the past.
本当は名残欲しかったのかな Maybe I just wanted to be remembered,
素直な気持ち言えずに though I couldn't admit it out loud.
淡い飛行機雲 That thin trail of vapor,
消えそうなほどに almost disappearing,
溶けかけていた began to melt away.