Scentless Flower

不香の花 - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

氷点下2℃の空 It was 2 degrees below freezing weather,
最後の声 優しい嘘 the last time I heard you. And that comforting lie.
何てことないやり取り That casual exchange as if nothing was wrong.
やっと絞り出す 息白く It finally all comes out, in white breaths.
頬をなぞる潮風 少し震えながら The cold wind brushes my cheeks, and I shiver a bit,
ポケットの中 温もりを探す and search for warmth in my pockets.
いつかみたいに舞い散る雪 That swaying falling snow from another day.
枯れ木に咲いた不香の花 The scentless flower on the dead tree.
取り残された手触り 真冬の匂い The touch of your hand, still remaining. The smell of deep winter.
あなたが溶かしてくれること I sometimes hope,
今も期待してしまうけど that you'd come melt it all away.
過ぎ行く街の光りは I can still see, so faintly,
まだ滲んで見えて the city lit up like in the past.
氷点下2℃の空に Under the sky, 2 degrees below freezing weather,
駆け引きなど 虚しくなる How that pleading and bargaining felt so empty.
見え透いたような強がり Acting like I could see right through you.
ぎゅっと唇を噛み締めた While I was biting my lip in a grimace.
積み重ねた日々まで 崩れ去る気がして It feels like all we've built up is breaking down.
肩の雪さえ 払えないでいる I can't even bring myself to wipe the snow off my shoulder.
彩りを失くした世界で In this world that lost its color,
雪解けを待つ不香の花 the scentless flower waits for the snow to melt away,
置き去りにされたままの あなたの匂い and so your scent has been left behind.
春の訪れを告げる声 A voice calls out for spring.
聞こえない振り 耳を塞ぐ I pretend not to hear and close my ears.
行き場のない指先は And my finger, with nowhere left to go,
まだ冷たいままで remains cold.