FO!!-flip off-

FO!!-flip off- - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

大人ぶってる社会の歯車 These cogs of society acting like they're adults,
狂ってることも気付けない not aware of how mad they are.
サービス精神旺盛の世界さ Here in this world of happy-go-lucky service,
神様なんてどこにもいないぜ there's no God or nothing.
身を粉ににして擦り減る命 Grinding away till you drop dead,
お先は真っ暗くらくら the future ahead dizzyingly dark.
BPM高めで息もできない The BPM so high you can't even breath.
さあ、やつらに叫び歌え! Now, let's and yell and sing at em!
ちっぽけなプライドなんてかなぐり捨てて Trash any petty pride you're holding onto,
嗚呼、自由な羽で飛ぼう AAH, let's fly away with our newly freed wings.
脳の命令なんて無視してIt's SHOW TIME!! Ignore the commands of your brain, It's SHOW TIME!!
YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!!
今、我在るべき此の場所で Here in this place I deserve to be.
さよなら僕らのバイセンセーシオン Say Goodbye to our Bye Sensation.
我が道を行くジブンイズムで I should to choose my own path, in me-ism.
成功者気取って胸を張る Feign success and puff my chest out.
マニュアル外れの異端者は And to all those rebels who break the rules,
今すぐに抹消さバイバイ I should to extinguish them, bye bye!
何も救わねえ神様にFxxK OFF!! To this God who won't help us out: FxxK OFF!!
理不尽なお話ばかり Giving us only absurd stories to pass on.
もう飽き飽きしてるんだ! I'm tired, tired of it, man!
千鳥足でネオンの世界へ今とびだせ In a drunken hobble, fly into the neon world.
もう、酩酊状態で踊れ Damn it, just dance all intoxicated.
素晴らしいこの世界に祝福を乾杯 Let's have a cheers to the happiness in this wonderful world.
YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!!
さあ、「我此処に在るべき」と Saying, "I deserve to be here."
見えない銃に銃弾こめて Load bullets into an invisible gun.
頭を撃ち抜けBANG!BANG!! Shoot right at the head, BANG!BANG!!
死んだ顔で届けるセーフティ With a face dead, the safety finally arrives.
もう何も見えないよ Now, I can't see nothing.
脳足りんな思考回路を全部焼き捨て Burn out all your simpleton thinking.
ほら、頭を空っぽにしよう Come on, clear your mind blank.
中指を立てて叫べよIt's SHOW TIME!! Throw up your middle finger, yo. It's SHOW TIME!!
YEAH!!!! YEAH!!!!
今、此処にいるっていう証明を Show them proof that you exist here and now.
知らない世界へダイブしよう Dive into the unknown world.