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クオーツは止まってしまったのに Despite how the clock has stopped,
醒めればさっきの5時間後 I know 5 hours have past since I've woken up.
赤の他人ひしめく青い電車 This blue train packed with strangers.
白々と文句を吐く看板 The signs and their puking whines.
「必ず泣けます」「大人のマナー」 "It's Okay To Cry" "How to Adult"
「今日からはじめる英会話」 "Conversing in English, Today and Onwards!"
騙されたと思って、の類か I think I'm being scammed, or something like that.
ノイズキャンセリングをオンにして瞑想 So I put on noise-cancelling headphones and meditate.
未公開の音源は聴く程に The more I fill my ears with this unreleased music,
どっかの誰かのレプリカで The more, somewhere outside, some copycat
ノイズキャンセリングじゃ消せない疑念 seeps in something that can't be droned out.
「懸念あり」で濁す胸中 My mind sullied: "Something's wrong,"
背広の初老は短足伸ばして An old man in a suit stretching his short legs,
『今日からはじめる英会話』 Reading "Conversing in English, Today and Onwards!"
思わず泣けます、大人のマナー And I begin to cry. Adulting.
鈍色の皮肉 Dark gray bitterness.
机上のロックアンドロールごっこに囚われて Clinging to this abstract rock n roll act,
空虚切って貼って最初から巻き戻して I rewind and replay to fill in the silence.
今だってロックアンドロールごっこに囚われて Even now I'm clinging to this rock n roll act.
探るユーリカ Searching for that Eureka.
以下、雑感 Stream of consciousness, below:
1.妄執か怠惰か或いは浅学非才ゆえの踏襲か 1. Is my zealotry, sloth, anxiety, the result of my unlearnedness?
延々と同音類義の風景 On and on with homo/synonym rife compositions.
2.散々経由した恣意語録に 2. Scatteringly deployed arbitrary phrases,
過剰な増幅、刺さるフェンダーの叫声 amplified violently, with the piercing screams of Fenders
3.形骸化した叙情表現を軽薄な叙事が彩って 3. Out-of-fashion verse adorned with shallow commentary
情報量のない陳腐な風体 Style without substance.
以上、自称鳥瞰の雑感 Over: My supposedly objective review.
遠い遠いユーリカ Eureka is still far, far away.
可燃物用のビニール袋と同じ理由でこの両目は Perhaps in the same manner as a flammable plastic bag,
「見えてしまうことへの配慮」ゆえに不透明なんだろうか Via "To whom it may concern, a warning," my eyes are opaque.
既公開の音源は聴く程に The more I listen to this freshly released music,
たらればの未練掻き立たせ the more it whips up my longing.
いつだって気づくのが数歩遅い I always notice it too late.
ノイズキャンセリングを切ってまた瞑想 I remove my headphones and meditate again.
盲目的なまでの拘泥は浅学非才なりの応酬だ My blind elitism is the punishment for my unlearnedness.
煌々と常温で燃える風景 Look how this scene burns so brilliantly at just room temperature.
三番経由した四、五、六で Neatly arranged in threes: four, five, six.
電力増幅、怒るフェンダーの叫声 Amplified sound, the angry Fender's yelling.
様式美めいた叙情表現も淡白な叙事も This simple aesthetic, frank lyricism,
ギターリフも、もう全部選んできた風景 the guitar riff too, all decided.
以上、自称ロケンローごっこ Over: My rock n roll act.
まだ遠いユーリカ Eureka is still far away.
遠い遠いユーリカ Eureka is far, far away.