I can't write anything

僕には歌詞が書けない - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

僕には歌詞が書けない I can't write any lyrics
語彙が無いってもんじゃない It's not a problem of vocabulary
感動とか感心とかより Lying below even emotions or feelings,
もっと前の段階 it's something more fundamental than that
僕には歌詞が書けない I can't write any lyrics
もうスピリット足りてない I just don't have the spirit to
みんななんでそんあイカしてる How is everyone else so full of life
歌詞を書けるんですか that they can manage to write anything at all?
流行りの歌詞とか聞いていると分かる傾向が Those folks who can listen to pop and get inspired,
問いかけてみるんですか? should I ask them how?
あるいは生きる苦悩を嘆くんですか? or should I cry out about my pain?
僕に無いのは What I don't have
審美観あるいは倫理観 is a sense of aesthetics, or maybe ethics
違いはあまりあやふや the difference is so hazy
僕にだってこんな I also want to be able
聞く人の価値観をねじ曲げるくらいの to bend people's worldviews with my art.
喜びとか優しさとか To have that sort of joy, that sort of care,
もがいたって無駄か is it futile no matter how much I writhe?
感情の引き出しに In my drawer of feelings
この歌は大きすぎだな This song occupies too much space.
付け焼き刃の思い込みは A half-baked effort
無残だ would be plain evil
僕には歌詞が書けない I can't write anything
書けたって薄っペらい What I'd write would be lame anyway
言葉遊びもライムも無けりゃ And if I don't throw in some rhymes and puns,
ライバルには完敗 my rivals are going to destroy me
僕には歌詞が書けない I can't write anything
背景だってまるで無い I can't even come up with a setting
愛と恋とか夢うつつの All I've done is take abstract words like love, affection,
文字を並べただけさ and lined them up
今まで出会った好きな曲から分かる対策が If I took inspiration from all the songs I've liked so far
共感を得るんですね I'd get a sense of empathy, right?
あるいは傷心に寄り添うんですね Or I'll snuggle up with my broken heart
ひねり出すんだ I'll come up with all sorts of things
短期間て言って何時間 I give myself a time limit, then ask what time it is
悩みはあまりにもやもや All my worries are just so vague.
僕にだってこんあ I also want to be able
聞く人の人生を狂わせるくらいの to drive people insane with my art
絶望とか終末の祈り But that sort of despair, and that kind of desperate prayer
涙だって枯れだ have dried out like my tears
心が疲れ果てて My heart can't take it anymore
もう二度と聞きたくないや I don't want to hear it anymore
雁字搦めのプライドも邪魔だな And my claustrophobic pride is getting in the way
僕には歌詞が書けない I can't write anything
手応えなんてものはない I don't have an ounce of intuition
これを才能という言葉で済ませるなら If you call this the curse of genius,
教えて please tell me.
神様 O God,
どうして僕は君になれなかった Why couldn't I become you?
ただただ More than anything
その事実が立ちはだかる It's that truth standing in the way
そんなのってないよ It can't be!
持ち得ないふぜけんな Don't fucking say it's a lack of talent
運命なんて雑な言葉だ I hate the word "fate"
僕には歌詞が書けない I can't write anything
諦めようか Maybe I should give up
そんなどうしようもない If that sort of hopeless end
宿命ならば is truly my destiny,
僕の今まで紡いだ Then all this effort I've wrung out of my body until now..
努力を返して Give it back to me
返してよね Just give it back, please