Thump thump

バクバク - YT|nicodouga

(For SSO)

バクバク 鳴って どうしよう "Thump thump" - there it is again. What should I do?
ずっと 夢見心地の様 For so long, I've been in this dreamy state.
君の言葉が 心をさらったよ Your words touched my heart.
一瞬 視線が ぶつかり合って気付いた When our eyes met, that's when I realized it.
春の日差し似た 淡い 淡い 音 Like the spring sun, that faint faint tune.
早足で通る 渡り廊下 遠くの教室 目指して With a brisk pace I walk through the corridors, to that classroom far away from mine.
もうすぐ 響く チャイムの 気配に 怯えてる The bell is about to ring, and I'm feeling nervous.
花びら はら はらり 今日はすれ違わないね The petals fall lightly, lightly - Looks like we won't cross paths today.
そっと 君の姿が見たい 期待ばかり 積もる心が膨らんで I just want to see you, my heart bursting in longing.
バクバク 鳴って どうしよう "Thump thump" - there it is again. What should I do?
ずっと妄想 空想 逃避行 For so long, I've deluded myself, fantasized. and run away from reality.
君の鼓膜まで 届きそうだよ To the point that I feel like it's going to reach your eardrums.
曖昧? どうして? もっと 幸福感で満たして A feeling of confusion? Why? I want to be filled with happiness by you.
悪い夢なら 食べて 消して欲しいよ And I want you to eat up and erase all my bad dreams.
好き? 嫌い? 好き? 嫌い? Do you like me? Hate me? Like me? Hate me?
ちぎる花びら 決める 淡い未来 I pluck off the petals, only to resolve on a future of ambiguity.
君 以外 なら意味無い If it's not you, then life is meaningless to me.
叶わぬ恋と知って 笑う未来 That would be unrequited love, and a future to be mocked.
散りゆくさだめだと 予感はしているけど I know our future is probably going to be plucked away.
だって 君の温かさで 芽吹いてしまった 気持ちだけ膨らんで But, with your warmth, my budding feelings only get stronger.
バクバク 待って もう嫌 "Thump thump" Enough, I hate this.
もっと 心音 反響 包囲網 I want my heartbeat, my echoes, to encircle you.
君の心まで 届きそうなら If I can make it to that heart,
邪魔しないで 他の子たちは下がってて then don't get in my way. All you other girls, stay away.
脈がなくても 打ち続けている音 Even without a beat, this tune plays on repeat.
……返事ならいつまでも待つからね ....I'll wait as long as it takes for your reply.
青春 一瞬 3年 すぐに大人になってしまうのね Ah youth. In an instant, 3 years go by and we're adults.
哀愁ばっかで 来年 なんて 言ってる場合じゃないから No more wallowing in pity, and telling myself next year will be the year.
「会いたいな」 期待 ばっかり 君に話かけに行っちゃおうか "I want to talk to you" - Let me just convey that to you. I'll go do it right now.
早く 早く 早く 早く! Right now! Now! Now! Now!