Alice Nanagaki


The Dasaku heroine you hate the most, but she's actually best girl.

Let's take a shot at this: Who is Alice Nanagaki?


All Alice wants is love. That's all... Except, maybe a little more than the average person. While a shy, lonely young person wants just an ounce of love, just someone to look at them, Alice wants a teensy bit more love than that. She's not addicted or anything. She just wants, like, one more bottle. Just one more swig of it. Not that much more than an ounce. Maybe, just, like >=1000000 tons more, that's all. Okay, I suppose it wouldn't be all that innaccurate to call her an attention whore or a love slut. After all, her main goal in life is to suck up love from everyone around her and hoard it for herself. Yes, she loves love so much, she could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Love to her is like nectar to a hummingbird. It's fuel. If she goes too long without love, she'll crack. She needs to be the center of attention, the most popular girl in school, the most loved individual, and she is ready to crush anyone who gets in her path. H-hey, everyone deserves a little love, right?


She gags at the sight of the physically disabled and deformed. What fucking leeches. Getting all this love and attention for just looking like freaks. She should be getting all the love and attention, not these fucking one-armed, sexually deformed, prosthetic leg wearing abominations of nature. Yuck. Yuck. YUCK. They should get eaten by fucking tigers or something.


You see, after reading her route, I had a bit of confusion while thinking back on the common route. Isn't Alice a love addict? Why is she scared at the thought of having a stalker. Shouldn't she be delighted, given her hunger for love? Why is she treating a stalker like they're a 化け物? ...Oh... I get it. Listen: In order to maximize love points, you need strength in numbers. And the majority of people are normal. Well, isn't that interesting? isn't Alice's love for love abnormal? You see, a lot of people have these qualms about whether people that "love" them really do love them. Do they love me for who I am, or what I provide to them? You may have found that many of your friendships and relationships have dissolved when you stop being a convenience for the other party, or when you change in a way that doesn't suit their fancy, or when they simply get bored of you, at which point you discover that this person didn't really love you. They loved an image of you. They loved what you presented. But as soon as you revealed your darker side, your more inconvenient side, your true self, they fold. They didn't actually love you, they just loved what you were providing them. It is a difficult task to find someone that loves your true self, a task that many die having left unfulfilled. The search for a partner may very well be framed as this task, in fact. And, maybe, that's actually what defines true love. The reason I'm talking about all this is to tell you that Alice doesn't give a flying fuck about any of it. She doesn't care if the love she gets is all for her fake persona that she's built up for the world. If she gets her fix, she's all good. That's why she shamelessly and intentionally uses that trained "sweet voice" of hers left and right. It's kind of hilarious to think she actually trained an entire fucking "sweet voice" to use in day-to-day conversation, all to make herself more likeable. Lord help us all, this girl is insane. And here's my point: Here we have an insane girl that has embedded herself deeply into the normie world, and constantly has to put on airs betraying her inner thought processes. Would this not cause her large amounts of distress, dissonance, loneliness? Answer: Alice does not give a flying fuck, as long as she gets the love points. Her constant scheming to become more popular and more likeable, necessarilly makes her true self more and more insane and ugly, and she's willing to ride that wave all the way. Hence, the neurotypical supremacy. Hence the hatred for weirdos and insanos abnormally minded people. Despite the fact that she is one of them, she has no respect for them, and especially not crazy stalkers. The apparent hypocrisy actually makes sense.


After the game's release, Cyclet held a popularity contest (NSFW), "WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE DASAKU". Guess who got last place:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Oh, Alice, what a shame. 残念, indeed. You can be oh so popular and loveable as long as no one figures out the selfish beast that's lurking within, eh? Without your facade, you're out of the question for the general population, at least to the 萌豚s. By the way, out of curiosity, who got first place?


Don't worry Alice, all it means is that you're esoteric. 超がんばれ、アリスちゃん.


Ain't that one hell of a dialogue? The lovely thing about this pure, innocent statement is how insidious it is when put into context. Our heroine says she loves "everything" about Yuuki... and then follows by instantly rejecting him upon figuring out that he's physically/sexually deformed. Which does raise an interesting question: When people say that they love "everything" about someone, how can they be sure. Do they really know everything about their partner? Even if you whittle it down, "I love this part and that part of you." What if your beloved partner's "this part" and "that part" are facades? What if they're traits that fall away with time? Does your love cease at that moment? No matter how close, how long, how many years together and how many conversations you've had together, your partner could ultimately still be hiding something. Could that something be a deal breaker? But, you see, Alice isn't naive: Alice herself has gotten away with hiding her other self for the better part of her life. Alice, also, as we know, is a master manipulator; a launderer of love. She studies love and how to attain it like a war general. She's more intimate and knowledgeable about the concept of love than you or me. Was Alice's statement a naive misstep? A folly of ignorance? Nope. Our beautiful heroine knew exactly what she was doing. She told Yuuki exactly what he wanted to hear. ズルい、かな?

What does Somarin swim for? What does Alice swim for?
Somarin's interest in swimming is subtle. Due to trauma, she has a habit of detaching herself from traditionally valued things in the world. Those are not for her. The only thing she wants is Hanami... So why swimming? Oh it's "nothing special". It's just something "on the side" that piques her interest. Something that she can quietly develop without having to put on airs of passion over it. A dispassionate passion. A small chance to recoup some lost time. Attention.

"Gahahaha, this lonely kid is going to be fucking head over heels for me, all cause I asked to play with her. Gahahahaha. Imagine what she's thinking, all like 'W-wow, t-this is the first time anyone has ever b-been k-k-kind to me! What a k-k-k-kind princess! I'll love her forever and ever!' Mmmmmmf. Yes. Love me. Fall in love with my sweet, fake voice, you gullible loner. I'll suck up all your love and then throw you on the side of the road like a used rag."

What kind of backstory is this, anyway. She trained her love-sucking skills in this facility like how Bruce Wayne or some martial arts master built up their combat skills in a fucking dojo on an island or something. They should have had a montage sequence with the Wong Fei Hung theme on her learning and mastering the "8 forbidden love addict techniques" or something lololol.


Except for love (toward herself). Everything begins with love (toward herself). Love (toward herself) is the answer. Every Dasaku girl has a problem, and each of them attempt a solution. Alice's solution is the most clever next to Toboso's, and it has the advantage of being the only one that actually works. (Albeit, you may view her solution as an exacerbation, in which case you're moralfag pleb). After Alice has rejected Yuuki, Clever Chloe drops in and brings up the big elephant in the room to our heroine: That 化け物 you despise? Yeah, if you want love, that right there's a Alice-obsessed love machine. You may lose the love of normalfags, but you ain't getting a greater concentration of love from all the normalfags in the world, my dear.

Hmmm, what do? Well, Chloe has an offer: Use me as a channel between you and Yuuki. You see, Chloe is an expert in matters of love and war, and her proposal is quite sound. But Alice is on a whole nother level. Alice is like a self-trained Buddhist master in matters of love and war. Remember the montage sequence in the facility? No? Well, in any case, Chloe might be knowledgable, but Alice knows love like the back of her fucking hand. And Alice's play is both shocking and brilliant: If you can't beat em, join em. Alice is such an expert on love economics that she does all the necessary love revenue and interest calculations almost immediately and literally cuts off her own arm and leg with a saw and burns her own MOTHERFUCKING EYE, becoming the very thing she hates--a physically deformed 化け物 in the image of her despicable sister. She makes this decision in the span of 30 fucking seconds. What the fucking fuck. This is the power of having near to no principles. Doing something in the blink of an eye (lol) that overturns all her past convictions and probably hurts like a motherfucker, all just for love (toward herself).


She lost the popularity contest. She continues to get cucked by her sister. She's fucking bleeding all over the place, holy shit, what the fuck yo, get some tissues. But Alice is the only heroine that makes it out alive in her respective route. Take it from k1rena34: 「枢ルートには未来がない。だからこそ、美しく、はかなく愛を描くことができた。しかし、未来に続く愛は、醜く、お互いを傷つけあうものなのだろう。だからこそアリスルートが光るのだと思う。」 While "dying in the name of love" is a popular concept, practiced in Toboso's route, Alice decides to live in the name of love, as much of a messy situation it may be. Toboso's route made me tear up (with an erection). Alice's made me laugh like a maniac (with an erection). And duh. It's a simple calculation: In order to maximize the amount of love directed towards her, Alice needs an entire lifetime's worth of it. And it is upon this calculation that she decides she must love Yuuki. That final H-scene is a blast, where she's evilly planning out how she can use this ridiculous polyamorous relationship to her advantage: Because of her brilliant decision (self-amputation... yes, it's brilliant, shut up), she gets to suck up both the love of Yuuki (by joining the 化け物 club) and normalfags (getting pity, like her sister). And guess what? In spite of Alice's selfish intentions, Yuuki is left happier and more fulfilled here than in any other route. Alice is the only heroine that gives, and gets, a happy end. And she fucking earned it.

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Reader, all I ask is that you give an ounce of love to Alice today. Errr... maybe a little more than an ounce. Maybe like >=1000000 tons.