11/22/2021 update: ohai. happy 1y anniversary to this crazy blog. I said i would make an update on 11/22 so yea... errr... I'm "ready" to continue doing more alggeo soon, but I'm not sure whether I'll be updating this blog lol. We'll see. That's all I've got now. Let me know if you have any thoughts.
If you're a newcomer clicking around... yea, there's some freakish stuff on here... just note i don't necessarily stand by everything i've written here LOL

Exercises are from Hartshorne - Algebraic Geometry. Easy as fuck to pirate. Pages are generated using tex4ht, which I'll experiment with as I go on. If any of the math or anything else isn't displaying correctly for you, PLEASE let me know (my contact info is on the About page).

Some readers (who am I kidding, no one reads this) may think of offerring some more clever names for the title of this blog, such as, perhaps, "Hartscorned" or "HoleInMyHartshorne". I understand: the puns are shaking their G-string clad booties at us. Do we bite? Nah. Listen, reader, it pays to be conservative at times. "Hartshorned" is sweet on the tongue. It's uncleverer than the big punny booties, but we didn't come here to eat ass, did we? Ever read the Jabberwocky poem? It works because it sounds nice. "Hartshorne" is a badass last name. Part of me wishes I bore it, even. Yes, I'm envious. We should all be envious. We should all be in awe as we work through this so-called tome. I don't have a surname that nice, and neither do you, probably. It's like sugar coated jelly. The name of a snowclad, harsh mountain, with a warm cave excavated in its chest. Warm, soft reddish flesh, pierced by a prismatically blue icicle.

10/2/2021 I.8 (Series finale)
10/1/2021 I.7.5 (Season finale)
9/25/2021 I.7.4
9/24/2021 I.7.3
9/21/2021 I.7.2d
9/18/2021 I.7.2abc
9/16/2021 I.7.1
9/10/2021 I.6.7 (Season finale)
9/7/2021 I.6.6ab
9/4/2021 I.6.3
9/2/2021 I.6.2
8/31/2021 I.6.1bc
8/28/2021 I.5.14a (Season finale)
8/26/2021 I.5.12d
8/25/2021 I.5.12abc
8/24/2021 I.5.11
8/22/2021 I.5.10bc
8/20/2021 I.5.9
8/19/2021 I.5.8
8/16/2021 I.5.7
8/14/2021 I.5.6bcd


6/16/2021 I.5.5
6/15/2021 I.5.3
6/14/2021 I.5.1c_ERRATA
6/12/2021 I.5.2
6/12/2021 I.5.1abc
6/7/2021 I.4.10 (Season finale)
6/5/2021 I.4.7
6/5/2021 I.4.6
6/1/2021 I.4.4_ERRATA
5/30/2021 I.4.4
5/29/2021 I.4.3b
5/28/2021 I.4.3a
5/28/2021 I.4.1-4.2
5/24/2021 I.3.19a (Season finale)
5/19/2021 I.3.17a_ERRATA
5/18/2021 I.3.17a
5/17/2021 I.3.16
5/15/2021 I.3.15ac_ERRATA
5/11/2021 I.3.15ac
5/7/2021 I.3.13
5/5/2021 I.3.12
4/30/2021 I.3.11
4/28/2021 I.3.10
4/27/2021 I.3.9
4/26/2021 I.3.8
4/25/2021 I.3.7
4/22/2021 I.3.6
4/20/2021 I.3.5
4/18/2021 I.3.3
4/15/2021 I.3.2
4/13/2021 I.3.1e
4/12/2021 I.3.1c
4/8/2021 I.3.4
4/7/2021 I.3.1b
3/31/2021 I.3.1a
3/23/2021 I.1.1c
3/11/2021 I.2.17a&b (Season finale)
3/10/2021 I.2.16
3/9/2021 I.2.15c
3/8/2021 I.2.15a&b
3/2/2021 I.2.14
3/1/2021 I.2.13
2/24/2021 I.2.12d
2/23/2021 I.2.12abc
2/21/2021 I.2.11b&c
2/18/2021 I.2.11a
2/16/2021 I.2.10c
2/16/2021 I.2.10b
2/15/2021 I.2.10a
2/13/2021 I.2.9b
2/11/2021 I.2.9a - Errata
2/10/2021 I.2.9a
2/9/2021 I.2.8
2/8/2021 I.2.7
2/6/2021 I.2.6
2/5/2021 I.2.5
2/5/2021 I.2.4
2/3/2021 I.2.3
2/2/2021 I.2.2
2/1/2021 I.2.1
1/18/2021 I.1.12 (Season finale)
1/14/2021 I.1.10d
1/13/2021 I.1.10b
1/7/2021 I.1.10a
12/24/2020 I.1.7c
12/23/2020 I.1.7b
12/21/2020 I.1.7a
12/20/2020 I.1.9
12/17/2020 I.1.8
12/5/2020 I.1.6
12/4/2020 I.1.5
11/30/2020 I.1.4
11/29/2020 I.1.3
11/26/2020 I.1.2
11/24/2020 I.1.1b
11/22/2020 I.1.1a