Do you fear the music, when sung to court?
On your yellow-capped black tree, white-breasted,
Laughing so crudely when I mean to sing,
I swoop and miss thine heart, then whine Fee Bee.
Then I shall make myself a Hummingbird,
to second the sole one caught by thine eyes.
Listen to what song we might synthesize:
Mark how one note, sweet sister to sister,
Kisses each in each by vocal ordering.
From Winnipeg to Cali, our union feared,
In sunder by borders, joined yet in heart,
Mercedes and pink, nectar with sweets war not.
Like red and blue, Akane and Aoi.
Like LiterallyYou, LiterallyMe.
To the coolest of all tech nerds and weebs,
Will you be my valentine, Hifumi?