No One Escapes the Mathman

Koshka's review: A sublime creepypasta series written by HoleinMyHeart here on Neocities. The story starts off with a hilarious yet believable exchange between a UFOlogist and former President Lyndon Johnson, and then turns towards a tale of cryptid horror that a friend of Johnson personally experienced in the 1940s. A tale that is a gripping rollercoaster ride involving oil conspiracies, eldritch geometries, a touching reunion between two formerly close childhood friends, and a very unusual yet surprisingly frightening entity. Without spoiling anything, I will only say that this is one of the creepypastas that you will either want to read twice, and/or read very carefully, as there are some very tantalising Chekhov's guns lurking throughout the story. Even if you're not a fan of long creepypastas, you will want to check this one out as the writing is truly excellent, and the genuinely harrowing conclusion would be worth the journey even if it wasn't.